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Alisons Animals Kidlington One of Oxfordshire's best pet shops for personal attention and advice

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Claw Clipping

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Claw clipping
Bring your Rabbits and/or Guinea Pigs to have their nails trimmed whilst you wait and with no appointment necessary. They get a manicure and pedicure for just £5.50 each and we get to have a cuddle of your little one!

Home Delivery

Alisons Animals offer a Home Delivery service every week. It is FREE for any order over £25 and within 5 miles of Kidlington. A small fee may apply for distances further than 5 miles. Please contact us for further details and to see if we cover your area.

Carry to Car

carry your animal food to your car
Buying heavy items? Got your hands full? Just need a hand? No problem! We will carry any items to your vehicle for you!

Dog Muzzle Fitting

Sometimes your Dog needs a muzzle. Whatever the reason we can help you find the correct sized muzzle for your Dog.

Dog Harness and Collar Fitting

Animal Harness Fitting in kidlington, oxfordshire
The staff at Alisons Animals love harness and collar fittings for Dogs! It gives us a great chance to make a fuss over your pooch whilst we ensure you have a good fit for your choice of collar, harness or walking training aid.

Dog Coat Fitting

Trying to pick out the correct sized coat for your Dog can be tricky. We can help you find and fit a coat for your Dog to protect him from the unpredictable British weather! Soggy Doggy can be a thing of the past.

Nutritional Advice

Anminal Food Nutritional Advice
The Staff at Alisons Animals are trained to read the composition list on animal feed bags. This is how we can understand what is it in and therefore make a good recommendation to which food may suit your pet. Itchy skin or loose stools can all be down to nutrition. Pop into Alisons Animals for free nutritional advice for you're Dog, Cat, Rabbits or Rodents.

Small Animal Sexing

Telling if a small animal is male or female can be quite tricky to the untrained eye. We can sex your small animals for you for a small charge. This service can only be offered by Staff who are fully trained in sexing, so please contact us for further details and to arrange an appointment.

Special Ordering

Special Ordering
Alisons Animals have an impressive range of items. We try to stock as many different lines as possible but unfortunately we can't stock everything. If there is something we don't stock we can try to order it for you. If it is available through any of our Wholesalers we can order it in, usually within 3-4 working days! Enquiries for Special Ordering and to see what we stock can be done via our Facebook page, or by calling us directly.